Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hosted Email

Meanwhile, on advice from Harry,'s email is now managed by Google's GMail for Businesses. This means that I told the hoster that hosts exonome's pages that they need to change their records so that computers wanting to deliver email to send it to Google's computers instead (also known as 'changing the MX record to point to Google's mailservers). Google sorts it all out and allows me to create mailboxes for on their GMail servers.

Like for Nelson, email had become useless to me, as I expect it has for almost everyone who has a vanity domain. Individual spam filters are just unable to keep up, especially if your domain is used as a fake return address. Google's spam filters are doing an excellent job filtering out the spam, as I can see by checking the spam folder. I suspect it is because they can compare a lot of mail going to a lot users to see what is nearly identical.

I create a new email address for almost everything I do on the net, and that lets me track spam. Turns out the old addresses I posted on Usenet with still get spam, even though they have been closed for years. So does the email address I made for a account, I guess Dice was careless and sold their list to the wrong person. But one of the biggest recepticles these days? fj at . No wonder LJ has set up all these new messaging systems that do not use email to let you know if you got comments. Pretty soon these accounst will be unusable.