Tuesday, March 23, 2004

In / Out

SMB to share a printerIPP to share a printer
Cuisinart (4 cups)DeLonghi Food processor (12 cups)
black, white, grey clothes I seem to be ordering ... color ... on Bean's website for summer. I bought an orange T at Target. I don't know what this about either.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I Know I Am Going AIM-Speak Here But This Is How It Feels

OMG!! I just made my cellphone browse Amazon's catalog without using a browser! With a J2ME program! OMG! OMG!!!11 It works! I wrote it in three days from the first time I saw Amazon's WSDL! Un-fucking-believable! This WSDL / SOAP thing's really simple, even from a phone!

(Ok, so it is not really "browsing", more like it made contact with Amazon with a keyword in a SOAP message, and Amazon sent it a proper SOAP message back. Telling me the keyword I entered, "sly", has 102 results, and here they are.

Now I just need to make it automatic.)

[cloned from my Slashdot Journal]

Monday, March 01, 2004

Nostalgia Hits

Went through a drawer to organize some stuff and found my Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 (upgraded). Turns out it works if I let it sit plugged in enough. Awesome, I went through the whole thing exploring that fantastic integrated user experience it provided, the software I had bought for it and installed, the 5 year old address list that made me all nostalgic for everything. Man, did you know you can shove a specific wireless networking card in it and get it on a WiFi network? There might even be a browser for it.

This morning I am like, what, so I am going to spend hours updating this thing? It still has a strange monochrome screen and no processing power. My laptop already has a touch-screen fro me tp draw with. My phone carries all my data. So what am I supposed to do with it?

I'll probably stuff it into another drawer tonigt.