Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Geeek city

Apple's new announcements look sweet. I am very disturbed they dropped Garamond from their corporate identity. The parts that I like most is their integration into a digital hub, allowing for quick synching between PDAs, phones, iPods, websites, cameras. That makes life so much easier. RIght now I am just looking at what I have to do to show some pix I took from my trip here, and it is such a hassle: move, edit, thumbnail, move, href... for each one. It should just go like I want it. I'm ready for MacOS X.

OTOH, I love small form factors. I take my picturebook everywhere, especially in the new tiny backpack I found for it in NYC. So convenient, to have everything with me, all my music (well, until I ripped my entire collection and moved it all onto a backup), my contacts, my email, my news, my connections to all the info I have distributed on websites. I hardly store stuff locally since I lose harddisks periodically.

All I need is a phoneline to be home with everyone who matters to me. Sometimes the airwaves are enough.

But the key is the small size. I have to want to take it along on every trip. Which is why I am in lust for my next target: the Sony Vaio U1. But gawd, another set of years with microsoft OS. I'd really like MacOS X.

OTOH, maybe I need a really decked out Palm or something. With which I can read Mail and Usenet. And go to all my banking, personal, sex-meet sites. And do full AOL. Uses 802.11, CDPD, POTS, Cat 5. Naaaah.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Airport LiveJournal

I can't be the first person to make an enty in his LiveJournal from the airport, but I might be the first to make it over CDPD wireless. Found an outlet next to a set quite close to our boarding area for the flight to Amsterdam. I feel better about the trip back since Delta does indeed have all flights in adjacent walkable terminals. I might be able to come back and make my connection.

We forgot to leave a lot of food for Piruli, so we tried to call Alec or Beth. No luck. He'll now eat Twinkie's food. We also didn't brush his teeth last night, as we should have.

Hey Beth, wanna brush some cat teeth? Every week, I get to say "My kitty's breath smells like cat-toothpaste!"

I keep losing connection.

Monday, July 08, 2002

The Web Is A Strange Place

While the article about a new electronic angle to the loss and mourning of stillborns is quite powerful, I am not sure about what to make of Wired, of all places, putting up pictures of dead babies. I am not making this up.

Proving yet again that the difference between and respectable publications truly is simply the context they create.