Monday, August 30, 2004


My two-day conference trip has now morphed into two days of conference with one day of meetings and an extra night in London for a discussion with a researcher for a major mobile phone operator. I am still in denial.

I just got the ticket delivered to my desk. A paper ticket. It feels super strange to me. I barely know how to read them anymore. I remember how terrified I was of my first e-ticket, how unsecure. What if no-one or no system at the airline would remember me? What would I do? Travel with my bank statements that I did pay? Now I feel burdened, worried about another thing to lose. Tickets just don't fit pockets well, in contrast to credit cards.

In other news, my subnotebook is at the repair place to be checked out. Email is now being done through phones or webmail, and if you see me logged into an IM system, the messages are most likely going to my phone, so I will be slow and terse. A dead give-away that I am working from the phone is that I don't capitalize the word 'i'. Too much work.

Updates I do just on my work computer, though.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Minor Hotmail

My 9-year-old nephews have hotmail accounts. One of them is sending me email. I think they are typing in directly -- my sister would never allow these spelling errors.

Do hotmail's TOS even allow for under-13 accounts? And as Jackson pointed out to me, are they getting V!agra spam now?

Dismaying fact: they are top-quoting.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Your browser cache may become evidence in a trial against you.

You may want to set your browser to record less history, or, when the latest Safari comes out, set that to 'Personal Browsing' which will record no trail at all.