Wednesday, November 02, 2005


One full day and a half public, one press release together with at least 3 phone announcements this morning, and we're already being being mentioned on Technorati. Yes, that is one of the two sites whose creation and launch have consumed me the last three months. The next one will happen in two weeks. Then we will be switching over in December to new technology so that project-owners and people can update their own web-pages.

I am proud and terrified and relieved at the same time. I have to not just deliver sites, but a system I can hand off, organizationally and technically, in a way that keeps them maintainable after I leave, with minimal effort. It has guided most of my choices and recommendations for software and alliances, and ate up a lot of time.

So here we go. Let's hope the company lets this one grow big.

I already got one real bug report: it doesn't render at all well on IE 5.5. I went to the stats page of to check how bad this is. Most hits are from XP and Win2K. I didn't get an account of user agents, but if I add up Win 98 and Win ME as possibly using broken IE 5.5, I am up to 2.3%. If I consider a large part of Win2K users use IE 5.5, I may, may, hit 8%. I can live with those numbers for now, especially considering those stats are for a page that attracts all the web mostly skewed to 12 year old girls, and OpenSource and Research are supposed to attract advanced smart researchers in High Tech.

Will I fix it? Probably. Will I stay awake to do so? Nope. Got other things on the list to occupy that place.