Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why We Like This Gig

"Yeah, we actually bought the Nintendo DS to experiment with performance testing of non-Nokia devices. The first test is giving it a full charge and recording how long it lasts with non-stop play. Do you want to?"

Yeah, like he was getting out of my cube without having left that thing with me.

"BTW, when the Sony PSP comes in we'll have to do the same."

They actually pay me money for this. Well, not this playing thing, but the pretty cool actual work that allows me to hang around this group. And they consider my tendency to give informed opinions and prognoses about gadget culture an asset -- well of course it will be informed if you make me play handhelds all day long!

I've almost got them convinced that this year's actual project will require at least a Nokia 7710 and 6680 for proper validation of the media ideas. Hey wait, I was bombarded the project manager because nobody else wanted it -- all I have to convince is me! Aw fuck, now I am going to be all conscientious again.