Thursday, February 03, 2005


So I am finding out people are now writing plug-ibs for Eclipse, the Integrated [computer programs code] Development Environment, that have nothing to with developing code. Like data organizers based on semantic metadata that will categorize your mailboxes, and stuff like that. Basically, Eclipse is the new emacs -- all we need is an Eliza plugin. And a Zippy one. To output on the console view. To each other.

Then again, emacs can retaliate by releasing a version based on the Gecko rendering engine instead of the current text buffers. I am sure you can make Gecko fit right, and emacs would then have native everything, including markup of all kinds and the whole web and all its content as long as Gecko understood it. Eliza could come with a flash animation of a shrink.

Quictime inside emacs. Somebody's head somewhere would explode.