Monday, February 07, 2005

Electronic Health Privacy

Well, so the mega-hospital conglomerate (BIDMC) my health-center (Fenway HC) is affiliated with has created it's patient website. You can apply to register with your main doctor, and then they send you your name and password and your web account is linked to their system. I can request referrals, get reminders for my appointments, exchange secure email with my clinician, etc. Should save everyone a lot of time.

Viewing the demo, however, I recognized a name from my years being in a clinical software lab that would create something like this. I actually did make a number of systems that went live. And since I worked for a children's hospital, I didn't know anyone involved. Hmm. The director of the lab who built this knows me. He built something based on my early work. We worked together. And now he can find out with no hacking just why I am asking for a referral to some specialists.