Monday, November 24, 2003

But What IS On Their List?

Last night over dinner Alek wondered whether Heather Locklear's TiVo might actually have a Season Pass to herself. She doesn't strike me as the kind. Now William Shatner's however... And I just know that had Joan Crawford had a TiVo, herself as a Season Pass would been the only Season Pass it had.

Which ties into a phone-call I got over the weekend. Max called being very distressed over Arnold predicament, and how out of the loop she was. "Read it on soc.motss" people said to her, but the first thing her newsreader asks is "There are 4500 articles waiting -- download now? (y/n)". Yeah right.

So I told her to go to
"Ok, now hit the tab 'groups'. Ok, see the entry field below that? Type in 'Max Vasilatos.'"
-- "Oh nonononono, I can't do that..." she keeps laughing.
"Shut up and type in 'Max V....'. Ok, hit enter..."
And shrieks come in over the phone. "Oooooooh, it is all there...."
"From 1984 onwards, baby, all of it. There you are. Hey did you know Nelson works for Google now?"
-- "Everyone I know does these days. What happened to the thing?..." and off we went into the next meander while I showed her the advanced form to restrict searches of Usenet to the last week. It felt strange that random user me was showing the Retired Godess of Networking how to work this webpage. I am so used to her thoughts and knowledge being far ahead of mine.

Then I showed her LJ, which means she actually might be reading this. (Hi Max!)

Joan Crawford's TiVo, now there's a concept... It would be a fun little exercise for some magazine to call celebrities and ask them what's on their TiVo. Does everyone know Betty White actually likes science fiction? It says so in that book of hers, "Here We Go Again". What's on Robert Wagner's? Joan Collins'? What season passes does Dan Cortez have? If TiVo had a Negative Season Pass feature, would Anne Heche be on Ellen's? You know, asking that would make such a perfect Graham Norton segment.