Sunday, September 28, 2003

Get Rid Of It

Culture trend: new make-over shows not about getting new crap, but getting rid of it. Organization shows about taking control of your mess, and most of it ends up about having a person just sit down with you and ask "Do you use this? Do you even care?" and dumping anything you don't exclaim a whole-hearted "Yes!" to.

I, as many know, am all for that.

Been re-ripping my CDs with LAME (through CDex), but this time after every CD done, I take out the booklet, throw the jewelcase away, and put the booklet and CD in this CD binder. I saw my houseguest Gadi travel with all his CDs that way, and one day, looking at my living room, it made sense. This huge rack of media is dissappearing from view. It feels strange to throw all these jewelboxes in the trash.

So I also wanted to clean a little electronically, and one so I looked at one of the stupid little domains I own. I actually have (currently not resolving for some reason) as the version of ironic domain-name squatting of Gadi and me. (Ok, we cooked the idea up together and I did the rest.) Never got any hits. Then I linked it to my homepage so searchengines would pick it up, and now it's like the sixth entry on Google for Craig Shergold.

Today I checked the access logs for the first time in 3 years. It's now getting 5 hits a day. Now suddenly I have doubts: should I apply for a google text ad account and make hundreds of millions of dollars? Or just get rid of it?