Tuesday, November 26, 2002

3650 Fu Continues

Well, even though I have discovered all manner of disturbing WAP services testing this GPRS color phone -- I can now check my POP3, Yahoo, and AOL accounts and various messengers -- I still prefer my laptop for all my wireless on-the-go needs. So I checked all the data plans and decided my old Verizon 11Kbps CDPD is still the best way to go. I have a new card, a Sierra 300 from eBay, and it scares me, because I paid 33 bucks for it, and new it costs around, oh, say, ten times as much minimum and other CDPD cards on eBay run 120 bucks.

It is a rugged and strong antenna, and quality drivers, unlike the previous Merlin and Spider cards. I cannot help but think that I am working with hardware that "fell off the back of a truck". Still, I'd better leave some good feedback.

(And I am posting over CDPD as a test. Since I am home, after this it is right back to standard 802.11b)