Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hey 3d-Party Android Coders!

Are y'all sure you didn't lock your applications to the screensize of the G1? You know, that big 480 x 320? Because if you did, they won't really work here on the world's second Android phone.

The Agora phone by Kogan. 320x240 touch screen. No, I have never heard of them either

Oh, some of you didn't? Some of you made a sort of dashboard one-glance app that is now cut in half? Or a game where the baddies appear at the edge of the screen? And you are thinking now, oh who cares, nobody will ever buy that phone, I will just stay with my G1 platform specs?

Probably a good decision right now. But all us WAP weenies from the WML / WMLScript days just want to say: "We feel your pain. Even as you are now trying to shrug it off."

Edit: Yup, I am not making this up. Android-app coders indeed weren't ready for multiple form factors. And this actually will make a difference when wondering whether to develop for iPhones or Android.