Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2nd Thoughts (and Why Is Nobody Paying me For This?)

6 months from now: iPhone Nano. Smaller form factor, more standard keypad, stripped down functionality (calls, messaging, music, cam, limited browsing), same ease of synchronization. It is the sync that will make people so happy. Can you sync with Windows PCs?

My off-the-cuff advice to Nokia and SE: dump Symbian now. It won't catch up to this kind of experience. Linux barely will unless you put a fuckload of work in it, in-house, using enlightment. Sign an agreement with Adobe and concentrate on having your high-end phones run FlashLite as much as possible in the OS stack, with a J2ME subsystem for compatibility. The tech can handle it, and the UIs 3d partys will make will be amazing.