Friday, January 05, 2007

I Want Free Stuff!

You know, I really need to overhaul my blogging strategy. Because what I want most of all this year is to be recognized as an opinion leader so I'll be sent free high-end crap to review. Also, I want a ranting blog so I get invited to political events. And a technology pundit blog so I can have a consulting career. And none of those should be on LJ, because nobody in the blogosphere takes LJ seriously.

You know, when I heard SixApart had this super-secret project Comet in the works to put together the best of LJ and TypePad and their other properties, I was hoping it was a way to host your own blog on your own site, yet retain the ease of use, all the posting gateways, and , using OpenID, all the community features of LJ. I also wanted software that allowed you to have multiple facets to a single blog depending on where people came from. Alas, all they created was Vox, some sort of next generation LJ of which I still do not understand what its actual niche is.