Monday, June 26, 2006


-- "Hi FJ!!"
"Today, I needed my fix so bad, I did something not good. I came home and realized I had left my mobile phone charger at work, so I knew I couldn't use the Internet because I couldn't charge the phone. And I thought, well, I'll just do some stuff off-line: answer some very old mail, play a game, relax."
-- "So what happened?"
"I looked at the wall-phone, and fired up the cell-phone modem for a quick google look-up. 'dial-up 213' 10 minutes later I entered my credit card"

Yes, sigh uncomfortably. I know it was stupid, and I promise that when I try to cancel I will make a recording of the call. But PeoplePC swears that I can cancel at any time during my 30 day trial, and it is a local call...

Dial up. I had almost forgotten how that negotiation sounds. What is that strange boing in the middle these days anyway?