Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HTML5 Will Save Us Again

Genius Mike: Antivirus Firm Warns of New Mac OS X Spyware Application
no click
point to be made: how much malware was enabled on the Win side simply because of the gaping functionality holes in Windows?

FJ!!: and security holes

Genius Mike: how many times in your life have you had to reach for an unzipper, un-rarrer, media player, or more?

FJ!!: UNIX is really gonna be tested now

Genius Mike: my understanding is that unix has already been sodomized and left for dead
Windows has made massive strides
And OS X needs the most work of them all.

FJ!!: UNIX is on your desktop right now
at least the security model

Genius Mike: ja

FJ!!: and that will be tested

Genius Mike: the services will be tested, and the user-gateway (passwords, windows annoyer or whatever it's called)

FJ!! : well, yes that coding will
but UNIX has been working for a while on not letting memory and pointer errors escalate

Genius Mike: yes, and so has Windows
Windows 7 is nearing state-of-the-art

FJ!!: kernel wise?

Genius Mike: yes, and library scrambling
and address scrambling
and stack protection
and so forth.

FJ!!: scrambling seems like such a kludge

Genius Mike: The man who said flashless, javascriptless IE8 on Win7 was the most secure browsing platform wasn't lying
Every barrier helps.

FJ!!: wonder how the NSA plays bejeweled then

Genius Mike: HTML5! the savior of the universe!
How'd you cure your herpes? HTML5!
Who colored the moon taupe? HTML5!
HTML5 is a box of tinctures sold out of a gypsy wagon

FJ!!: I think it made Steve Guttenberg a star too

Genius Mike: :]

FJ!!: I am so posting this on TST