Thursday, December 03, 2009

As The Browser Stats Churn

I have taken a contract for a digital agency, now working on an account for a mobile handset manufacturer. Consequently, I can't actually blog about what I usually blog about because I am completely in the middle of it.

Instead, I will write about something else that caught my eye. After much neglect I checked my browser stats today after forever for my personal site. My personal site really has only one noteworthy page, the PHKL page, which, 10 years or so after it was put up and now that there are plenty of competing products out, still gets 2000 hits a month. What caught my eye was the follwing table:

Operating Systems (Top 10)

Operating SystemsHitsPercent

Windows3203786.8 %

Macintosh33168.9 %

Linux7231.9 %

Unknown7061.9 %

Nintendo Wii580.1 %

Symbian OS280 %

Sony PlayStation Portable50 %

Sun Solaris30 %

Two gaming machines get used more for browsing that Solaris. Which is a startling statistic for anyone who still remember when Solaris was The Future of UNIX, and UNIX actually counted for something, which is people, like, well, me. I guess I am Old School now, and am wondering what those game whippernsappers are doing on my lawn.

Well, that, and the current crop of Solaris users deep inside SUN and academia are simply not that interested in pink kawaii laptop hack mods.