Friday, May 02, 2008

For Some Reason I Find This Paragraph Incredibly Interesting, But I Can't Explain Why

I had this interesting discussion with [Mozilla Chairman] Mitchell Baker a while back around the downloading of Firefox. She was talking about how imperative it was that they get the download to below five megabytes and I said, "That's interesting. What's with five megabytes? Why does it really matter?" And she said, "For us that's where we see a real knee in the curve of people willing to say, 'Yes' quickly and just get it, so we want to get it down to that." And I said, "That's interesting, because for us the OpenOffice download, which I think is now around 70 or 80 megabytes, we've seen no real cessation of demand or change as that has gone up or down." And she said "I don't save my users five hundred dollars."
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, as interviewed by Engadget Mobile

I think I find it interesting because it is all about the nuts and bolts of disruptive Internet culture, and so much more insightful about that phenomenon than what I was hearing from Scott McNealy in his last years at Sun Microsystems.