Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And That Makes 3 In My Flat

FJ!!: BTW, so Ian and I went into the Apple store on Regent street, where I grabbed one of those plastic price stands, walked to a worker, and pointed at the entry on the little price list for 2.5 duo anti-glare 15" and said, I want one of these, please
FJ!!: He seemed flabbergasted that I just walked in and wanted a laptop. He had them in stock. I also asked for a 1GB silver shuffle
FJ!!: so he prints my receipt, right, with the handhels, and goes to get me my stuff, and I look at the receipt and ask "Did you just give me the shuffle for free?"
FJ!!: and he's like "No" and looks at the receipt and sees it is not on there, and Ian starts laughing and says that he would have walked out with it and I say that I have friends in Apple stores all over the world and I couldn't do that because I am sure there'd be issues
FJ!!: so I paid for the shuffle at the til because the wireless stopped working on my card
FJ!!: and the guy also told me Elle McPherson had come in for a private shopping with paperazzi in front of the store
FJ!!: and we talked a little about how everyone likes working at Apple, which Ian didn't believe
FJ!!: and outside Ian wondered if Elle was a publicity stut by Apple and I am like Apple doesn't need that
FJ!!: So did I do a good deed or was I a chump for not taking my free shuffle?
J.: still eating a sandwich, one moment
J.: I think it makes you a better person in my eyes.
J.: Which is important, because I may ascend to Godhood someday.
J.: Also because it was the right thing to do. Thank you!
J.: OGMOGMGOGMOGM fuck the paps
J.: I would kick them in the teeth if they blocked the flow of money.
J.: And does this mean you are now the new owner of a magnificent new macbook pro?
FJ!!: 15"
FJ!!: not unpacked yet
J.: God bless you.
FJ!!: I am sure I am the owner of a very slim box. I hope it contains an MBP or else it is also a very expensive box
J.: It's filled with ripoff, lies, and Apple fucking sucks and sold out.
J.: Or whatever they're guilty of this week.
J.: Eco ignunce or something.
J.: Dolphin unsafe benzyl plastics.
FJ!!: I amost do not want to open it. It would make the expense so real
J.: This may be the last good experience of your entire life.
J.: With that perspective, any course of action seems like a good idea.
J.: Have you played with 10.5 yet?
FJ!!: Very very briefly
J.: I think you'll like it. Most of the true ignorance has been hammered out by 10.5.2
FJ!!: I cannot believe how much this thing cost in dollars
J.: and OMG multitouch. take a photobooth, drag the jpeg to the desktop, open it in Preview, and play with the gestures. They're all listed in System Preferences -> Trackpad
J.: What price elitism?
J.: $pend $pend $pend
J.: (how much?_
FJ!!: I can't my week's work barely covered 2/3s of this alone
FJ!!: 1599 pnds
J.: HURK. that includes vat?
FJ!!: yes, 17.5%
J.: 1.9766
J.: doot doot
J.: (as of 100ms ago)
J.: Good fucking god.
J.: $3,160
J.: Whew.
J.: They have income tax there, don't they?
J.: Or does VAT cover it all
FJ!!: 20% over the first 20K
J.: So being dumb-math, $3,800 of income.
J.: That is outrageous. Fuck Apple. Fuck them in their dirty shitholes.
FJ!!: No, no need to blog it
FJ!!: I actually don't want one. I need it for work
J.: 26% of the BOM is showoffitanium
FJ!!: it doesn't satisfy a craving. Buying this tech... it is the first time that dropping this much cash on comp didn't do anything for me
J.: Then we're not doing our job correctly.
FJ!!: it is the form factror. I like small tech
J.: eat some pretzels so your fat hands make it look smaller
FJ!!: :))
FJ!!: I love you
J.: About time.
FJ!!: I have loved you before
J.: The next step is wiring me money.
J.: I have to build my polygamist rape compound somehow.
FJ!!: get some commision at Apple
J.: Open that laptop. It's got 5GB of patches waiting to bless it.
FJ!!: later
FJ!!: first finish reunion of C Rehab
FJ!!: a screen cleaner? How nice of you!
FJ!!: (That is what that blak thing is, right?)
J.: yessir
J.: it's in everything glossy now
FJ!!: I swear irt aid the word "English"
J.: lollers
J.: voiceover is turned on by default
FJ!!: why does it not say any of the other languages I scroll to?
J.: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmz
J.: idk
J.: because english is awesome?
J.: :3 fibar optic
FJ!!: it just glowed up!
J.: which is a pretty way of saying replacement keyboard assemblies cost $160
FJ!!: cute space animation, music is too hip
J.: it's cute
J.: dootydoot dwee doo dwee
FJ!!: I guess I don't want to transfer my information now
FJ!!: found my network
FJ!!: you guys should include airsnort so I do not even have to type in the WEP key. Oh wait...
FJ!!: it is so... shiny
J.: wtf is airsnort
FJ!!: it's wrong because I moved, but ok
J.: Magical!
J.: It's all keyed into your Apple ID
J.: mine always gets the telephone number wrong but that's okay. autocomplete is good enough
FJ!!: yes, it got that wrong too
FJ!!: Honey, my short name will not be fjvanwingerde
J.: lollers
J.: don't fight unix
J.: it has ideas
FJ!!: fj will do
J.: (it is AMAZING how many things blow up hideously when people change the shortname after the fact by whatever mechanism. i really sincerely wish it wasn't possible)
FJ!!: it's so.... shiny
J.: what the case? or the screen? or the entire everything
J.: LAWL OMG picture setup
J.: so the best.
FJ!!: and that is a horrible angle, and it is dark in here
FJ!!: can I do this later?
J.: yes
J.: there's an imagewell for your account picture. just drag any image in.
J.: (later. in sysprefs)
FJ!!: have I purchased a .Mac box?
FJ!!: the everything is so shiny and smells of solvents
J.: if they guilt tripped you into .MAC then i guess you did
J.: There's a free trial. It's still a mess.
FJ!!: this is the prettiest machine I ever owned and it intimidates me. I am used to moulded plastics that do not mind if they have smeared food from my fingers all over it because it is just a laptop
FJ!!: No, he was too flabbergasted to guilt trip me into anything
FJ!!: wait, did I look poor?
J.: if the store was packed they probably just wanted you to go
J.: and more likely you looked like you knew what you wanted.
FJ!!: no, he seemed genuinly surprised at me walking up to him with a price stand and pointing at an item and asking if he had them in stock
FJ!!: oh god, too much stuff on this desktop