Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yeah Goodbye

I stopped reading Perez Hilton because I realized he is a creepy person, saying mean things using mean business practices, while at the same time desperately wanting to be part of what he tears down. I am about to do the same to TMZ. Fortunately I am no longer in a job where I have to know what the kiddies are thinking and watching as much. And is Perez gonna notice that one ad-impression less? Not really, but it makes me feel better.

I have made a filterpage on LJ that amalgamates the RSS feeds of the technology sites I read, so they all show up together cleanly in one page. And as someone with terrible stage fright, who has worked a trade-show floor once for 3 days, and has heart attacks before having to give a presentation, I am about to take Gizmodo off that list, and have Engadget supply all my gadget news. Will they notice the lack of my viewership, of one person clicking through the RSS feed less? No, but I will feel better not having those mean shits in my life. It's all funny until you remember how you were praying for your demo to go ok in front of an audience.

Edit: I am screening comments on this one. I'll post your comment of how hysterical it is to fuck with presenters and booth people after you tell me how many 3-or-more-day stints of ten hours or more you have done of demoing product on a floor for 17 bucks an hour or less.