Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recruiters Suck

Hey Kelly, sweetheart, I really do not feel any more confidence in your recruiter powers when you send me mail telling me that you mistyped and that the job was at Yahoo!, not Google as you wrote when you originally sent me the open req.

I don't know why they seem to be all called Kelly. Meanwhile, I am expecting a call this week again whether I want to be a J2ME Blu-Ray content developer in Culver City (No.). And I will tell this recruiter that s/he is the 7th one to call me, because Ascent Media and Sony are calling one recruiter shop after another to fill those spots, and they all do the same Dice search and end up with me. I do not just not want the job because I am moving back to the EU, I also do not want the job because it has Outsource It To Romania As A Cost-Cutting Measure In 2 Years written all over it.

Off to deliver two broken computers I found in our basement storage to the Safe Waste people.