Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No, Let's Actually Talk

After their 1 to 10 rating system turned into a social disruptor,, a network of social sites for male-oriented male fetishists, switched to 'cruising'. It's just a button to click on someone's profile so your name, linked to your profile, shows up on a 'People Who Cruised Me' list, private to the cruised profile. The amount of times a profile has been cruised is public, and of course there is a 'Top 100 Cruised Profiles' list, reset every month.

I used to be cruised, and look at who cruised me, and cruise them back, out of courtesy I guess. It's a token of appreciation, a gift, and it seemed somehow rude not to acknowledge it, and cruising back was easier than writing 200 Thank You notes every month. And I decided it was too anonymous, and that if people liked me they should say so, so I clicked the button to opt-out of cruising.

Suddenly this crowd of people who came every beginning of every month to cruise me, many fuckin hot, stopped showing up. I guess I was no longer any help in their campaigns to make the Top 100. Haven't seen them in a while. Instead I actually get communication, and when I see a hot guy I make a point of telling him so in a message. I like it. No Top 100 list bullshit, I'd never make it on one with so many men on campaign for exposure. If I want exposure I'll just put a new pic up, the system flags that on another list.