Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paint Memory

Over the phone:
"Hi, you don't sell Frazee paints, do you?"
-- "No, but we can match the colors."
"Can I bring in the color name and number."
--"Yeah, which one?"
"748 Swiss Coffee"
--"Yeah we can match that."

In the store:
"I need a match to Frazee 748 Swiss Coffee"
--"Did you bring in a sample?"
"No, I was told over the phone you could match it by number."
--"Oh ok, let me look for it ... maybe the chart is here ... hold on a sec..."

Three people are consulted

--"We can't seem to find the chart for thet color anywhere, let me check with him..."

Goes to other guy, other guy says four words.

--"So how do you want it."
"Uh, flat finish, one gallon?"
--"Ok, let me write that down..."
"So you found the formula?"
--"No, he knew it"
scribble scribble scribble
"Wait, that man knows Frazee color formulas by heart?"
--"Not all, but Swiss Coffee is very common."

Five minutes, hands me the can

--"So you guys still working on that loft?"
(Wait, he recognizes me?) "Well, we can only do work on weekends."
--"Ah yeah, I get that, tomorrow is my day off and I have to do everything in one day."
"Uh, good luck with that."
Standard goobye formula.

Back home:
Apply. It doesn't match. Maybe I didn't stirr enough wwhich I skimped on since it was blended yesterday. Or the builder wrote down another color than was actually used on these walls. Or someone got the formula wrong.