Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Part I

(This was a restricted entry, but now, in 2008, I have made it public)

As I just posted to my Nokia internal blog:

Subject: A List With Two Related Items

  • OpenSource.Nokia.com is up.

  • I am terrified.

It's like when we first got an aquarium at home. After we set it up I had sudden flashes of fear for days that I'd come home to 40 gallons of water on the floor and a couple of asphyxiated fish. Same thing now. I am waiting for things to go horribly wrong and have the whole Internet point and laugh at me.
Thing is is that due to internal politics, I had to align with technologies and hosters that simply did not get their shit together in time. So I have a website with no search and the contact form wasn't ready. Ugh. All contact requests now happen through a sacrificial mailbox we will shut down when the contact form really happens. Ugh.

And in the end, after all the hard work to blend technologies, all these coals I pulled out of the fire in one day notice or less over the last months (sure I can change all emails sitewide, I'll just write a filter! Sure, I can re-do the lay-out, it is just a template! Sure I have the CMS dump to disk because you have a different idea of how to host this, it is only a buggy inscrutable add-on!) it is just a catalog site right now (will change later) that people in the company a) really thought needed to happen b) couldn't be bothered to make content for. All that work for this? Well, getting it together and approved and refined took time.

This thing will be announced by Jorma tomorrow at the mobile conference in Barcelona in a press release. I had it go live and accessible today to shake it out. One project page owner alreadyw ent nuts on me that they absolutely did not want it up before their own press release. This being the project that has no code to download available, and already gave fucking interviews about their project that got mentioned on Slashdot.

I'll miss these bozos, but I am ready to leave them behind.

Part II will happen Nov 14th.