Friday, July 22, 2005

I am turning into such a negative Nancy on my professional review blog. Can't help it, though, I keep reading paper after paper week after week about these lofty mobile architectures to allow us to do all kinds of crap everywhere, but nobody seems to have surveyed or even care what we users would want to know and see before feeling comfortable doing all this crap. No, let's just slap some boxes together in Visio and proclaim it a comprehensive architecture, without a clue whether it will actually pass the necessary data around.

It would be like creating this mobile phone network where the person called might have to pay for calls but then forgetting to include Caller ID so the user could actually make an informed choice, or a network where a caller might pay more depending on whether they were calling in or out of network but not including this information in the number. All because you forgot to ask users what they wanted before you made your network. Oh wait, that actually kinda happened for a while. Let's do it again!