Friday, April 30, 2004


I have a professional public blog on a specific topic. I should link it to something so Google starts indexing it already and it can be found, because, after initially happily toiling in the dark, I could use some community there. But that's not important right now, what is is that, because it is on, and is owned by Google, and Google has a new service to try, I got a test account at the fabled You know, free email with a gig of storage space.

Oh who cares, like I could ever want to fill a gig of mail on someone else's server. Never delete? I have had email so stressful I not only deleted it immediatly, I went though auxilliary filing mailboxes like 'Sent' to delete my response to it too. However, here's something that has not gotten attention: from my first tests it seems like Web email Done Right. I am really digging this UI, and am dreadfully jealous of my friend there who gets to work with these people where stuff like this can be done, and comes to fruition.

(But could I get Nope. Hmpf. Hey, I am a D-list Usenet celebrity! I have had a price put on my head! I just found out I have a stalker! I demand my preferred email name! Would gmail not offer Huh? And besides that these people made something, what is the difference between them and me? What is it with this 'at least 6 letters' requirement?

Bonus points to the first person to figure out what my gmail address is by sending me email there.)