Wednesday, November 26, 2003


You know, in the cold light of day, purchasing songs in a protected format I can only play on my computer, or a very expensive (but sweet) iPod I do not have, and that I cannot play on my TiVo eventhough I invested sweet money so my TiVo could play the music on my computer through the stereo, seems like a bad idea.

Yet when I browse the iTunes Music Store, I end up clicking 'Buy Now' again and again.

I listened to the Britney album too, and I liked one song so much I bought it. It was both chic and sexy and that's why I love it. I am constantly playing it. Here's the thing: I am elated I could purchase the one song of an album that I liked.

But still. I bought a Britney song for a buck. And the SF Gate review is right, she really does not sound human at all.