Monday, June 09, 2003

Burocraludicrousy. But Convenient!

You know how you replace a driver's license here? You got to the webpage and enter some data and a credit card number.

Of course, I had to do it twice, because I entered the "wrong" last name. I had forgotten that the RMV decide to fucking hyphenate my last name when they entered it. FABIAN J. VAN-WIN...etc.

They send you a confirmation e-mail. Which states "Your duplicate will be mailed to you. You cannot legally operate a vehicle until you receive your duplicate license, unless you print and carry this e-mail with you. The bearer of this e-mail has successfully requested a duplicate Massachusetts license. The license is in good standing and is not currently expired, suspended, or revoked. Federal privacy laws prohibit the RMV from printing the name, the driver's license number, or the social security number of the licensee in question on this receipt. "

My driver's license is a print of some ASCII.