Sunday, October 06, 2002

Weekend FJ!!

Bought an MP3 player today (Their English site is down, so I had to link there). It does indeed need a special program to upload files to it, instead of just appearing as hard disk on the desktop and allowing drags. The management program is not obnoxious like OpenMG for Sony, the management program that decides to recode your MP3s to ATRAC before you can move them onto the Memory Stick for Stick walkmans. Meanwhile, audio dragged onto Sticks put into Sony's Palm machines play just fine. It totally turned me off a Memory Stick MP3 player, which I considered since my comp does Memory Sticks natively and I used them for my ex-camera.

I actually wanted the Nomad Muvo, which is a USB keychain drive that will just play MP3 files it finds. It needs no programs to upload data, and that would also make it a good floppy solution for my floppy-less Picturebook. But this iRiver 100 is cute and has a FM radio. 128MB internal, non upgradeable. I'll get to listen to radio statiosn again (my country kick will continue!) and load hard dance tracks to lift by.