Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Geeek city

Apple's new announcements look sweet. I am very disturbed they dropped Garamond from their corporate identity. The parts that I like most is their integration into a digital hub, allowing for quick synching between PDAs, phones, iPods, websites, cameras. That makes life so much easier. RIght now I am just looking at what I have to do to show some pix I took from my trip here, and it is such a hassle: move, edit, thumbnail, move, href... for each one. It should just go like I want it. I'm ready for MacOS X.

OTOH, I love small form factors. I take my picturebook everywhere, especially in the new tiny backpack I found for it in NYC. So convenient, to have everything with me, all my music (well, until I ripped my entire collection and moved it all onto a backup), my contacts, my email, my news, my connections to all the info I have distributed on websites. I hardly store stuff locally since I lose harddisks periodically.

All I need is a phoneline to be home with everyone who matters to me. Sometimes the airwaves are enough.

But the key is the small size. I have to want to take it along on every trip. Which is why I am in lust for my next target: the Sony Vaio U1. But gawd, another set of years with microsoft OS. I'd really like MacOS X.

OTOH, maybe I need a really decked out Palm or something. With which I can read Mail and Usenet. And go to all my banking, personal, sex-meet sites. And do full AOL. Uses 802.11, CDPD, POTS, Cat 5. Naaaah.