Friday, January 02, 2009

My Expense Reports Have Needs

I don't have a fax. I do not have a scanner, either. And I find myself writing expense reports, and needing to attach receipts, to fax or email to the relevant parties, in the field a lot. Often where there are no faxes or scanners anyway, but always that 3G connection.

 I use my phonecam to take pictures of the documents, good Zeiss lens and good enough at 3.2 Mpixels, and send those on once I transfer them to my laptop for email,but I still think the process could be better. Some good software on the phone to optimize the document shot: straightening it out or showing guide lines on the screen for alignment, annotation, cutting off surroundings, fixing colors so it is even and white or whatever background paper should be, so that the result looks more like an electronic document than a photograph of a real one.

And then fax it on.