Thursday, October 24, 2002

Jeff Bezos Can't Win

After years of being called a huckster, a money-burner, and a dot-com hype machine, today he was on Fox News' Neil Cavuto show to proudly talk about how well Amazon is doing. Neil Cavuto has just done a segment on how DC / Maryland / VA commerce has been devastated in the last three weeks by nobody going out of the home due to the sniper crisis. Neil Cavuto's lead in questions to Bezos? Something along the lines on whether Amazon has seen an upturn in the last 3 weeks in shipments to that area, and whether this kind of homeland terrorism would make Amazon a more profitable company since no-one wants to go out and shop.

Bezos quickly passed that over to talk about his company is executing well on the plans of selection, price, and shipment. "So Mr Bezos, Amazon is doing well. Are you dancing on the graves of DC booksellers?"