Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Firewall More

So I have been looking at Firewall applicances. Seems many small businesses have the same problems I do. Linksys is out, because they will not allow creation of a DMZ if you are on a DHCP-client connection, the idea being, presumably, that why the hell do you need to create web or mail-servers if you are constantly switching IP addresses? Well, because the nice people at NoIP, for example, will keep track of your changing IP address and reset their DNS to use it. Heck, they even allow me to circumvent Verizon's braindead port 80 filter.

It was very cool of Linksys to put this user's guide on the web, so I could read it. They may have missed a sale because of it, but it would have been a bad sale, a return. Now I need to find out if either D-link or SMCs boxes will do what I want. I am not inclined to use SMCs since they do virtual DMZs, whatever the hell that is. I am more partial to D-Link's box because it actually has a dedicated jack for a DMZ.

You know, if this headache is taken care of and works well (unfortunatly, it will take a month or two before I have the 350 bucks to spare, we also need to start saving for the annual T-day pilgrimage to Ohio) I'd consider saving some money and putting exonome.com there. Would be cheaper, since Verizon's DSL does not charge me by bandwidth-usage, like my hoster, Webstrikesolutions.com, does.