Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Browser Is A Mess

I am a little late updating as I was trying to get a website revision out the door. Turns out it didn't happen like I wanted to, because of the fact that JavaScript is an abomination of a language that has plunged us back into the software crisis of the 70s. I will explain that when I am able to write better, but it will be a problem if we keep insisting using web browsers as the delivery platform for all new programming, including mobile devices.

One problem I am running into is window management. I will often have two web chat systems, webmail, 8 tabs, and assorted sub-windows, open and running in my web browser. Mentally these are separate applications that I need to keep track of and manage on my screen, but the Operating System shells of the world all treat these windows as belonging to the same program, and show me just one tab in the Start bar (XP) or one entry on the dock (OS X) or when Alt-Tabbing (both).

Something needs to be done here, and I am not sure if the browser developers can do it.