Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Opninion On The First Android Phone

I can't really wait, you know, being a pundit and all. So I have an opinion, yes, based on the leaked pics and ad copy: the impression I had since the first leaked image of the Google Android phone being made by HTC became public is justified and, no, those first pics weren't of an ugly prototype. The Google phone T-Mobile will introduce today, built by HTC, is just plain Not Sexy. This is not going to compete with the iPhone, this box does not inspire lust, or fun, or a sense of being chic. If this little slab came to panel at America's Next Top Model, Nigel would tell it she has fallen apart over the last few weeks, Ms. Jay would have said previously during judging he had never seen anything in her anyway, Mr. Jay would say she just wasn't bringing it during shoots, whoever the celebrity model is this season would make a gruesome 'Ugh' face, and Tyra would at the end smile beatifically and tell this Beautiful Phone, after not having handed her a picture, to go home and open the pages of Crave Blog and learn something. Then a hug and off this little box with its seams and cliche rounded corners and lackluster capabilities goes.

This box is, at best, only going to appeal to people wondering if they should get a Windows Mobile device, and in that area HTC has already done better, either by looks...

Glamour shot of HTC Touch Pro, a Windows Mobile device with a keyboard

...or technology.

Action shot of HTC Touch HD, a Windows Mobile device with a 800x480 screen. Yes, 800 by 480 pixels

Just GMail and Google maps isn't it. I can get that on my 2-year-old N73.