Monday, May 16, 2005

Stupid Stuff Update


Through 's latest entry I ended up on Rosie O'Donell's old blog. It is an amazing car crash of honesty, form, and fame. It is too easy to call it stupid or maudlin, I am unable to do that about people expressing their own emotions, because my emotions are most often stupid and maudlin too and I don't want to hear it when they are. Yet I know, I know, that right now I am simply rubbernecking. Her current blog is the same with a celebrity twist: it is flickr-enhanced and comments enabled. Comments from Rosie fans and foes. 500 per entry. She has a special moderator for them. Somehow I feel partly responsible just because she is publishing phonecam-pics and I work for a mobile phone manufacturer and took phonecam-pics early on and put them in my blog and in a tiny tiny way may have helped popularize it.

Recently we got a new person in the building who hits the elipticals just when I go to the gym too, and she has no problem switching the TVs on to what she wants to watch. I only change the channel s when nobody else is around, and I'll set them to inoffensive CNBC -- well, Kudlow is becoming a bit too much of a no-taxes supply-side cheerleader for my tastes -- but it beats the FNN I often find them on, the station that makes me crank up my shuffle loud when people are watching it. I would impose my taste if I were using the aerobic machines where the TVs are, but I am not, I am in the weights area where the sound just spills over, so I don't feel like I have a right to decide what the people right in front of the TVs have to watch. She is in that area and has no problem setting it to what she wants to watch -- in fact, she asks me to because I can reach the TVs better than her -- and what she wants to watch is Oprah. I'd never switch that on, I would think all the men using the gym would kill me. But she does, and all the men end up watching that show, transfixed like deer in the headlights most of the time. Oprah is spending an awful lot of time on fighting fat and pedophilia these days. I gotta wonder what she would tell a fat pedophile "Love yourself enough to make that change and get thin! Then go off to an uninhabited island and die!"