Friday, January 07, 2005

Material Science

A friend told me his partner got new lenses in his eyes. I believe those are plastic. I think they were inserted under the cornea by cutting an opening and sliding them in, and stitching that cut back closed secures them, but I may have that wrong (don't they need to attach muscles to the lens?). Meanwhile Bucky of Bucky & Jim will probably need new corneas because his own is getting bumpy on the lens area. Dead people will be donating those. The part that is malforming will be sliced off, and the donated patch will be fastened by stitching the gelatinous mass of his cornea to the gelatinous mass of the donated cornea. I find that this can be stitched to be amazing.

I should look up why lenses can be fabricated, but corneas have to be donated.