Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Apple Owns Me

The account I made for song-shopping on iTunes, the one with my credit card and address already filled in, is actually also a full Apple store account name, with which I can shop for hardware without ever having to fill in a form or pull out a wallet. I know this because an iPod Shuffle + armband is on its slow, slow, slow way to me now, and when ordering it, the store told me the account name I tried to create for this store -- I have a system for names based on the website so they are all distinct on different shops, but easily remembered by me -- was already in use. I was confused because I had never ordered from the Apple store before, how could I have an account? The only transaction I had had was when shopping on iTunes...I tried that  password and there I went. All form fields filled in. All I needed to do was click "Buy! Give Apple Your Money! Succumb To The Whiteness And Beauty! It Is So Easy, FJ!!"

Unless I breathe in resolve every time I go to that site, I am doomed.

And I don't even need mac hardware. My home is fully stocked CPU wise, and my laptop couldn't drive even their lowly 20" LCD screen if it tried.