Wednesday, September 17, 2003


3. Symbian C++ programming is a nightmare, and the examples are no help at all. I am so stressed I skipped my workout just to keep working and making some kind of progress.

4. Sean not having anyone to play with reminds me to write, for future refernce, that I am enjoying playing Pandemonium on the N-Gage. I was just allotted that game and Sonic The Hedgehog to just play around with. I should try if playing against another tester over Bluetooth networking works.

I am liking it a bit too much. See point 3. Today I reached for it around 4, when I couldn't take this wall of lousy documentation and impenetrable examples of constrained GUI programming anymore. I should have gone for the iron instead of the game deck.

I had a conceptual breakthrough at the end of the day, but it was already 7.35 PM and I had to be home by 8. I had a cat to inject.